Who’s Freaek?

I’m all-in on your shit, whatever it is. And no I’m not a taxi driver or an ass-kisser.


Native: Chilean, Almost native: Spanish and English. Can’t do poetry in English, sorry.

Basic Statistics

21 Years Old, 1.65m (5,4ft), Economics student, Chilean. Play the guitar (yeah, that’s basic).

Family facts

An artist mother and father, a little brother (14 years I guess), no dogs, no cats (but I love them), one grandmother, two grandfathers, five main cousins, seven over-all, seven uncles. No girlfriends (right now).

Preferences (Favorites in brackets)

Rock music (Guns N Roses/Soda Stereo), Football (Universidad Católica), Rugby (Pumas), Tennis (Roger Federer) and sports in general. Marvel > DC, I’m one with the force and the force is with me, Deadpool should win Best Picture’s Academy award 2017 (not really, but it was fucking hilarious). I read every good saga (Game of Thrones right now) and love crime/mystery novels. Musical Theatre (Cabaret).

Thought Process

Rational in every possible way (which makes me irrational at times), search for the best answer always given the context. I’m smart and workaholic. I don’t care whether you’re black, white, gay, transsexual, blonde or religious. But if you have bad orthography, take everything way too serious or don’t know how to dress up you don’t belong to my kind of people. I Think Creative. I try to defy people’s traditional thinking and expectations by being brutally honest sometimes. I’m pretty good at lying when I need it. I have a dirty mind and twist/sexualize everything.


I’m a gamer. Played (and still do occasionally) Tibia for 12 years and I’m a level 82 Sorcerer right now. Got to Diamond V in League of Legends and retire because people were unbearable. I was Master Guardian Elite once on CS:GO, actually Master Guardian I. I see every competitive game that I can even if I don’t play it.

My favorite game is The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, followed up closely by The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and The Last of Us. I love Uncharted and Zelda series and also like any game with a good story. Open world games are the shit.

With my cousins we play every multiplayer game that we can (mostly Nintendo’s). Super Smash , Mario Party , FIFA (since 14), PES (until 13) and Rocket League.