This Sensation’s Overwhelming

via Daily Prompt: Overwhelmin

My answer to this prompt is Green Day’s – Give Me Novacaine.


Latin Rock II – Fundamentals

A big part of Latin Rock is associated with Argentina. The development in styles, iconic bands and the core of this genre is located west of Rio de la Plata. This is not a historical narrative about what happened but a song selection so you can get introduced to Latin Rock. Today it will all be about the fundamentals, we will go to the beginning: Luis Alberto Spinetta & Charly García.

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Latin Rock I – Santana

I blame my parents. This is their entire fault. My relationship with Rock music began when I was born and it is still one of my two main passions (alongside Football). I started with a couple songs from some legendary rock bands, but the core was Latin Rock. These are some suggestions of songs and albums you can hear to begin with.

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