The Human Experience

I’m not going to pretend to know everything about life because 1. I’m only 22 years old 2. Who does? But yesterday I had a nice conversation in which one of my favorite topics was discussed: drama.

She asked: “Why am I so dramatic?” and out of nowhere the answer I gave was: “Because it’s part of being a human, we enjoy being drama queens”. I started rumbling around with some ideas, but it stayed on my mind after she fall asleep. There are so many directions this topic can take that it would be impossible to take a shot on each of them, so I will just bring up the ones that I can handle (or at least I think I can).

The first thing is that emotions are natural. We can’t or won’t get rid of them anytime soon even though people is trying to avoid some of them, for example, shame. Is not that we enjoy feeling shame, but the experience of feeling is something beautiful because it takes away flatness of your life. We are not seeking for a broken heart, but it’s the risk we take when we ask our crush out, by pursuing love we are also taking a chance of feeling one of the worst feelings in the catalogue. If you let yourself fall in love, you may be heart broken at the end of the road. That’s part of the human experience. And we like it.

Even if you are like me and you don’t feel like you like drama, well you might be an introverted drama king. I realized this as I listened to my Spotify playlist. Some of us just love music period. In my case is because only music (and maybe art {and maybe sports, sometimes}) let me express my real emotional status. If you’re feeling good you might play a goofy dance-along song like Wham!’s song “Wake me up before you go-go” or the other way around you expect that song to take you out of your sadness. If this is a thing that works for you, well you love drama.

Not being dramatic is impossible, unless you’re a psycho. But it is quintessential in this thing I call “The human experience”.



5 Albums That Influenced My Teen Years

This is a ranking I build in the process of re-discovering myself. Music is a HUGE part of my life and during my early teen years I started to choose my own music for the first time. With an important influence of MTV Latino and the ‘Top 10’ show they schedule several times per day I met some new bands with their albums. In this ranking there is only one exception to that rule and is number 5.

5. ‘Libertad’ – Velvet Revolver – July 3rd, 2007

My favorite band of all time is Guns N’ Roses, that started with me playing the electric guitar. I explored a little more during 2007 and just then discovered that Guns N’ Roses broke up in 1996. I followed their careers individually. The ‘Chinese Democracy’ album with only Axl Rose from the original core was trash in my ears, so I chose the other part of the core: Slash, Duff and Matt in Velvet Revolver playing along former Stone Temple Pilots’s singer Scott Weiland.


Even though this album doesn’t have their greatest hits like ‘Fall to pieces’ or ‘Slither’ it was the one that I found in CD form. I heard it repeatedly and learned a lot of the songs in the guitar pursuing my dream of becoming a rockstar like Slash.

Favorite Song: The Last Fight

Fun Fact: This is one of three albums that Scott Weiland wrote sober.

4. ‘Amantes Sunt Amentes’ – Pxndx – October 2nd, 2006

Pxndx is a mexican band so it makes sense that I met them first on MTV Latino. It was 2006 and Punk/Emo rock was leading the new age of rock with bands like My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy and Thirty Seconds To Mars (2/3). Mexico rocked with them and Pxndx was the one band that I liked from that country.

The ‘Narcisista por excelencia’ (An excellent narcissist) music video top the charts of MTV’s Top 10 for weeks finishing the year as the 40th most requested music video of the year. This song alone made me buy the Amantes Sunt Amentes album on the local record shop. There I heard for the first time ‘Procedimientos para llegar a un común acuerdo’ (Steps to get a mutual agreement) and ‘Los malaventurados no lloran’ (Unluckys don’t cry) two songs that I hear to this day as part of my Early 2000 Spotify playlist.


Favorite Song: Procedimientos para llegar a un común acuerdo.

Fun Fact: ‘Los Malaventurados No Lloran’ music video finished 2nd in MTV’s Top 100 most requested 2007.

3. A Beautiful Lie – Thirty Seconds To Mars – October 30th, 2005

What a long run for Jared, Shannon and Tomo. The funny thing about this band is that I listened to this album only during 2005-07 and then forgot about them because of the break up rumors that started to grow. Five years later I would find a whole new world with them because of James Durbin’s performance of Closer to the Edge in American Idol.

My first encounter with this album was because of the music video of ‘The Kill’ in MTV’s Top 10. It was absolutely phenomenal. Not only the music, but the video itself. I liked the band, but it was just one song and I wasn’t in a rush for new music. After this “From Yesterday’s” music video was launched and it was another jaw-dropping experience, so I took my few savings to buy A Beautiful Lie to the record shop. I listened to this album religiously for some weeks and discovered some fascinating songs and more than that: experiences. Songs like ‘Was it a dream’ or ‘A Modern Myth’ are something else.

Favorite song: From yesterday

Fun fact: From Yesterday music video finished 4th in MTV’s Top 100 most requested of 2007.

2. Stadium Arcadium – Red Hot Chilli Peppers – 9th May, 2006

This is John Frusciante’s last album as the Chilli Peppers lead guitarist. That fact alone can make someone buy this.

I knew the Chilli Peppers or ‘The Red Hot’ as we know it here in South America long before this album broke the music industry. I already had the Californication and Blood, Sugar, Sex & Magik LP’s in my collection and their Live ‘Off The Map’ DVD so it was natural that the moment I saw ‘Dani California’s’ music video on MTV I would rush the local record shop to get this gem. And so I did.

Not only this album is essential in my teen years because of the music, but because it worked as a social tool for me. The day after I bought the CD I brought it to school and played it on my class stereo, we all rocked and loved ‘Snow (Hey Oh)’ and ‘Tell Me Baby’ but I had my own favorites in ‘Stadium Arcadium’ and ‘Slow Cheetah’. This taste changed with the years and now I enjoy the hidden ones the most like ‘Wet Sand’ and ‘Animal Bar’ both masterpieces of The Red Hot.

We miss you Frusciante.

Favorite Song: [Teen me] Stadium Arcadium [Actual me] Wet Sand.

Fun Fact: Stadium Arcadium won 5 GRAMMY awards in 2007.

1. The Black Parade – My Chemichal Romance – 23th October, 2006Image result for the black parade

It was listening to ‘Famous Last Words’ that I started thinking about this ranking and in the end it was this the album that influenced me the most during my teen years. Maybe it was something to do with their influences that matched my genetic music taste in Queen, Led Zeppelin and AC/DC (thanks Dad!). But with time I realized that it was one condition and one alone that made me love this album so much.

In a world ruled by pop culture and the death of guitar predominance I felt a little bit discouraged in my dream to be a guitarist. Suddenly MTV’s Top 10 showed me ‘Welcome to the Black Parade’ and I listened to a three-movement song with a dramatic edge. But even more important: It was the comeback of the melodic guitar solo. I understood this very recently, but it is what made me buy three different versions of the album in the now dead local record shop.

This ‘melodic guitar solo’ comeback can be heard in MCR album and it was the first time that I did hear some hope for my dream from a new band. There was still music.

Favorite song: Famous Last Words

Fun fact: My cousin had the biggest crush ever on Gerard Way, that can be a factor too.

Honorable mentions: “Infinity on High – Fall Out Boy” / “Black Ice” – AC/DC / “A Fever You Can’t Sweat” – Panic! At the Disco