HiStory Books

I did like books before. But it was love when I found some old books and realized what this can be to the world, it is more than just entertainment. It’s history.

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Embrace Procrastination

Original Spanish Post.

This is a story about how to face unexpected adversity in favor of your personal interests. This is my actual situation (right now!) and what I’ve accomplished is something I’m proud of. You only need to know your context and go for it.

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Day 9 – Old fashioned lover boys

Following with Blogging: Fundamentals. For day 9 they want me to check some comments I made on other blogs, choose one and write about the topic that inspired me.

Lucindafer’s post about how she felt about men honking fired up a little flame I have about sexism in the last years. Is about defining the line between flattering and harassment.

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Embrace Procrastination

Esta es una historia de cómo combatir una inesperada adversidad en pos de tus verdaderos intereses. Esta es mi situación actual (presente-presente) y creo que es una de los mejores cambios que he alcanzado a realizar. El enfoque está en atreverse y entender el contexto.

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