Outthink the world!

“Where is your will to be weird?”
Jim Morrison

Have you ever thought something very stupid while walking on the street? Do you ever have that deep heartbreaking thought while you were taking a shower? Want to share your favorite things with people, but nobody has a clue of what you are talking about?

This blog is meant to accomplish what usually never happens: share those things. No idea is worthless of sharing, not even my idea about how to lie down is way better than lying down (I hope I can develop that idea soon). I thought during an idleness time at work that “it is always late, but it is never too late” after reading about a massive protest in the USA. I want to share my thoughts on some specific musical moments of some specific songs that shape them into a masterpiece.

This blog is all about throwing out that shit we just don’t talk about usually. And I understand why we don’t. Usually those ideas are vague and undeveloped enough to don’t look like a fool in front of your pairs, all of us have a reputation (maybe not ALL of us) to keep and we don’t want to screw it up by talking about why the sloth is a better animal than a koala. What I’ve discovered is that if you have the proper friends (I do) you can get an endless interesting and hilarious discussion that will defy your imagination and creativity beyond expectations.

This is all about saying out loud the weirdest thought you can have out of any situation and don’t feel intimidated by moral barriers or what would be the correct thing to say. This will be a 24/7 Rorschach’s Test, because you will be answering “What you see in that ___ (Header image)?” everywhere you go.

Thinking creative is very close to joking around, but not exactly the same. In this blog we  (If some of my friends get on board) will share an idea that we take very serious and answer it every way we can, this of course will carry the consequence of answering in many funny ways that can get a laugh or two. By no means I’m trying to be funny, is just a product of the process.

Feel free to contact me and send me your weirdest thought, we can develop it together into a nice idea that can give my friends and yours a good time. Feel free to be weird and always Think Creative.