How do you fall in love?

via Daily Prompt: Sound

Its probably true that as all of us are different, we develop our senses differently too. Which one makes you fall in love?

Note: You can extend the term “fall in love” to “really like a person” or having a crush on somene.

After a regular day of college I was on my way home when I felt a buzz on my pocket. To my surprise delight it was a video of my crush singing (a silly love song) on college’s annual musical contest (in which I didn’t participate). It was an okay performance, on tune and charming but my face at the moment (I still remember) was like I just saw George Michael performing “Don’t let The Sun Go Down” alongside Elton John. Absolutely… in love.

I’d like her since we both chose to make the same performance: propose each other as a theatrical exercise. But it was just a crush, like that physical very utopic and distant crush. We would only see each other at one class and she is very good to miss classes, so it wasn’t possible to see her every week. But after hearing her sing, it was all different, that crush intensified and I felt (after a year and a half) that feeling of falling in love. Even if it was for a couple weeks, it was very nice to know I could still get that feeling.

This situation gave birth to some new personal questions that I instantly started discussing with my friends (the ones who play along this weird questions). Which sense is the one that makes you fall in love?

You can think of at least a couple examples for each sense.

Sometime ago I red a report on a new trend called the “Gastrosexuals”, people who captivate their love ones with food. I assume that can be an example for taste being the deciding factor on the love game. I know people who don’t make their judgement based on how people look, but rather on how they smell. These people tend to know a wide number of perfumes and colognes, they shower twice a day and are always checking if they smell good, so we can probably give smell to be the deciding factor.

Did you sing together or he sketched you?

There’s people who needs to be close to fall in love, they need to be accepted in your personal limit to further into a relationship. In Spanish we call these guys “personas de piel”, which can be roughly translated to “Skin people”. They need to be touched in order to understand the relationship and emotional status between each other, to get their heart you will need hugs, kisses, tickles and massages (add sex). You can say touch is the deciding factor for this people.

Sometimes first impressions are everything, when you think about it this can be critical in an undeveloped relationship. Some people are very visual to judge, they tend to watch for colors, how people dress, combinations, proportions and going deeper they look what you do physically. This people have their criteria based on the looks, so there you have another sense making the cut on what you love and what you don’t.

There are people like me who tend to fall in love because of sound. If you want me to take attention you need to talk good, word choosing is everything and how you sound is as important. I make sure my earphones have perfect sound and I will tell every equalization mistake on an important event (looking at you GRAMMYs 2017). If you want people like me to fall in love, choose the right song to play on our date and if you want me to turn on don’t wait me on your underwear, play something sexy (Guns N Roses – “Rocket Queen” will do the trick but you can always play “Careless Whisper” or “Let’s get it on”). If I hear you sing and you do well, then I will fall for you (way too) easily.

Was it a gifted pizza or a casual hug?

Of course this is not a “straight-forward” theory but something closer to a percentage process. I can assign my deciding factor in my five senses as it follows: 43.5% Hearing, 33% Looks, 16.3% Touch, 6.2% Smell (just shower yourself) and 2% Taste (you can give me whatever you want). If you sound amazing, look decent you are already in the upper 50% in my loving game.

How do you fall in love? When did you fall? Was it after dinner? Restaurant or self-made? Was there are a band or he played his music? Maybe you can think about it, if you do and have some kind of idea about it comment. I would love to read how you fell in love.

Freaek ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


PD: Isn’t this more of a Valentine’s Day post than the one I wrote yesterday? Hmm.


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