The (Little) Evil Within

Trick or treat? Have you ever taken a chance to ruin someone else’s day (or a fraction of it)? Maybe next time you should, it could be very funny.

Louis CK is the definition of contemporary stand-up comedy and I’m a big fan. In his show “Oh My God” (which you can buy for worthy 5 bucks on his website) he tells a story in which he takes a chance to mess up with another person’s mind. He is just moving into a new apartment and the building has an inner garden so Sunday’s morning he goes down in his sweaty pajamas and one of his neighbors confront him by asking him if he lives there or not. Of course Louis CK answers “no”.

Inspired by this situation this weekend I had a couple of chances to mess up with people’s minds and enjoy the reactions. It is needed to say that I was taking absolutely no risks in this, because I had nothing to lose.

You can always be a cute joker

First chance was in the supermarket. I went in with my dad to buy some cereal and sodas because I just don’t live without Coke in my house. We use returnable bottles so that way we help the environment and every bottle is a lot cheaper. The exchange process is that I give up my four used empty bottles through a machine and it gives me back a paper which counts as a discount for the “new” returnable full bottles of Coke. That’s my evidence proving that I have the intention of rebuying.

The next moment I am in the middle of a corridor that can be seen from everywhere by a lot of people looking for groceries. I decided it was time to play with their minds. I took my backpack off and open it, with clear malicious intentions I started looking suspicious in purpose by watching out for everyone and trying to look sneaky. I took the first two bottles of Coke from the shelf, put them inside the backpack as fast as I could and kept the attitude, people started to move fast around me. They started to feel involved into a stupid 8 dollar robbery, so they try to avoid me. A kid gets close and points me “Mom he’s doing something bad”, I played along and looked nervous and his mom took him aggressively out with some fear. My dad started to get nervous (hilarious moment) and told me “Hey, can you stop that? They have cameras here and will think you’re robbing!” I told him to be calm, even if they come to me I have the upper hand in any discussion and I can even PAY what I was going to buy anyway. It’s a win-win situation.

After that nice moment I got another chance of playing with people’s minds or ruin their day easily, sometimes I mess with people that asks me for an address or something by telling them something instead of saying “I don’t know that street you’re talking about good sir”. Sometimes (when I do know what they’re talking about) I help them.

I got a new opportunity at the entrance of the same supermarket. You know those toy/bubblegum/bouncing balls vending machines? Kids love those things! Beside the door there was one of those. I was waiting for my dad to pay and I was bored, that’s never a good combination. I saw a family coming in; two sad parents the weekend before Valentine’s Day and two little boys around the 4-5 years old.

“HEY! LOOK! They have bouncing balls here” were the exact words by one of the two boys; his brother (I guess) answered with “AWESOME! I WANT THAT IRON-MAN ONE! Mom, mom can I have one pleeeeeeeeeaaaase?” Dad was her savior this time as he told the kids that the machine was broken (classic). This may be the post-natal effort of telling a woman you love her and maybe is better than molten chocolate on a strawberry. They didn’t notice I was there to ruin their day. I had the chance to make their trip to the supermarket even worse by telling the kids a simple truth: “Oh no, the machine is good, you just need a coin from daddy and it will give you whatever you want [put a coin in], see?”. I didn’t take the chance though. Those parents where just way to depressed and tired for me to make their lives more miserable.

“Oh no, the machine is working wonders!” – The evil inside me

But imagine the possibilities and the future of that decision. What if I did tell the truth to the kids? Probably Dad gives a couple coins to the kids and each of them gets something from the machine, none of the rewards are good for mom and dad. If they get the bubblegum, those things are like rocks and their young teeth will have to work to break them, either that or they will cry which is always bad for the parents. If they get the toy, they will be playing around with those and won’t pay attention to anything while on the supermarket and if they lose it on the road they’ll cry. If they get a bouncing ball they will be trying to make it bounce ALL-THE-WAY which means HELL would be better and if they lose it (or are taken away by depressed dad) they will cry.

The evil with in me gives and takes chances of ruining other lives or playing with others minds. You know how in almost every show they speak of the “evil” as the fun side? I’ll tell you that you can be a little bad and still be good. I did make my dad sweat when I acted as a thief and every reaction around were very funny, but I did not tell the truth to those kids for their parent’s sake. It’s not about being good or bad, but rather about being fair to you and the others.

Get some fun, being a little bad never killed anyone. I can’t backup that statement though.

Freaek ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



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