Not like, nor when

Unauthorized translation of a beautiful post by  @bachichini (a friend of mine) on his blog.

Like when you get to bed after a long day and your feet start slowly warming. Like when you buy new shoes and you walk thinking everyone admires them. Like when at the last moment of the day you congratulate yourself because you didn’t eat any chocolate. Like when you want to cry without anyone judging you and the right person arrived with perfect timing. Like the first sip on the morning, like finding the best parking lot. Like when every traffic light say go forward, like when you receive an undeserved thank you. Like when that cold friend of yours hugs you unexpectedly, heartwarming. Like when you are leaving a cold behind, like when you achieved everything you planned for the day and more. Like when shower is just on the perfect temperature, like when you use that last toilet paper. Like when you settle a false alarm and you realize you can keep sleeping, like those Sundays you don’t take the pajamas off. Like when you see your favorite dog’s breed being walked by a stranger, like when that stranger answers every silly question you ask. Like when a kid smiles at you in the waiting room, like when you spot a random person reading your favorite book. Like when your crush likes your profile picture and your neighbors find out because you scream so loud. Like when you meet an old friend you have not seen in a long time, like when they wake you up with kisses regardless of your dead breath. Like when your sheets are recently clean, like when your impulsive moment of the day makes sense. Like when you thank yourself because you brought your camera, like when your friends predict your next sentence and you laugh trying to hide your little anger. Like when you get to say goodbye just before your batteries run down. Like when they remember you because they saw something on the streets. Like when you remember them by smelling something special. Like when the guy next to you doesn’t like pepperoni and gifts you his slice. Like when you finish training and you know you gave it all, like when they flirt with you even after that. Like when you hear your favorite song while shopping and you want to sing out loud. Like when the gift you choose is just what he wanted. Like when your pet licks your face because you came back in a bad or good day, clean or smelly. Like when your dad makes a toast on your honor, like when you finally form an opinion about something. Like when you tell a joke and get a laugh back. Like when your best friend keeps a teenager attitude rejecting adulthood, like when your belly hurts because laughter and crying, laughter and crying and laughing again. Like when you meet someone with the same name, like when you meet someone just like you.

Like when you get in love at first sight. Like when you get in love for life.

Josefa Alcazar Flores




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