Clairvoyant Music

A story about music’s power. A real story. It happened to me. IRL.

I was walking home through a weakly lightened but beautiful street. I crossed the last street before a little plaza and I saw a girl standing by the parking slot half a block ahead of me, she looked thoughtful and nervous. I supposed she was waiting for someone, someone close and dear to her. She was walking in circles around that parking slot near the plaza. I was getting closer and closer.

A moment before I passed through her a motorcycle arrived and a young guy took his helmet off and greeted her with just a “Hello”.

I couldn’t hear it, because I was listening to 30 Second To Mars’s song “Depuis Le Debut”. It was for the best, because this is a song about suspense, about waiting, the music involves you with tension, a full thriller movie in just a few minutes of music. The connection between music and situation was way too close to ignore it, so every thought I had was influenced by this relationship.

I didn’t hear the words, but I saw the emotion around them in colors and they were shades of blue and the red that once existed between both of them was purplish. It wasn’t a kiss; it was just a Hello a distance salute between these young lovers. He took off his helmet and avoided her eyes. I supposed he was ashamed of something he’d done. She was still full of hope and affection by the time I passed behind her. I felt like the only light on was the one upon them and time stopped for a moment.

As I was walking through I realized it was my call to make, the future of this young couple was all in my hands. My call was: “The next song will decide the future of this dear relationship”. I took my phone and as Depuis Le Debut was ending I tapped next.

The first note of a guitar arpeggio sounded and I knew it was all over. I couldn’t hear anything outside my headphones but I knew it was already done. The sorrow behind minor chords was unquestionable and the slow paced drums didn’t make things any better. Lyrics started after a crying guitar harmony screamed. Talk to me softly, there’s something in your eyes, don’t hang your head in sorrow and please don’t cry.

I felt guilty, so I needed to turn around to see if this was the truth or it was just my imagination going wild as usual. So I did. My head turned for a couple of seconds and the situation didn’t get any better. It was her head between her own hands, shaking. It was his head dejected and his hands doubtful about caressing her. Some words came out of his mouth; I put the lyrics in his voice even though I had never heard it.

As I got some distance I started thinking if this was pure coincidence or it was the power of music. Had I ended a love story? Was all of this a misunderstanding? Can music read your mind? I think it can, it always does. Can music read your mind too?

Freaek ¯\_()_/¯



Fact: The featured image is the street I’m talking about. I took that photo, you can find it on my Instagram.


One thought on “Clairvoyant Music

  1. Its very interesting how music can correlate with the situations occurring around us. I can say that yes, I have had the music I was listening to link up significantly with the events happening around me. Music taps in to the deepest emotions of our soul and interpreting the lyrics of a song (even if it’s not the writer’s intending meaning) is what makes songs special and dear to me. Excellent post!


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