Sexy as hell

Some thoughts on why I think curves are sexy beyond the flesh.

First I will just copy what I wrote during my sluggishness time on my working notebook.

This is what (and how) I wrote. I added this after publishing it.

So you might be thinking, if he is going to write about curves why did he choose that “Featured Image”? (Or if you are into art/culture, why did he choose a Mondrian?). The question can be answered by going into the artist’s philosophy. Piet Mondrian’s style is defined by his seek of the absolute. In his own words:

“The rhythm of relations of color and size makes the absolute appear in the relativity of time and space.”

This means that he wants –roughly – red to be just “red” and not the abstract representation of blood, love and passion. He wants lines to be just that and not the horizon, a wall or a direction. Then why doesn’t he use curves? Shouldn’t those be seen as just curves? He says that curves will never be seen as just curves but always will be associated with sensuality.

You see where I’m going with this? Mondrian’s idea has some back up in reality. Some of the great designers in modern history actually are supporters of this concept. One of them is Apple’s co-founder: Steve Jobs, leader in technology innovation and design.

I’m not the biggest Steve Job’s fan, but I do admire him as a person and a designer. I just don’t read every article and biographies he has or waited every new Apple product launch when he was in charge. What I did see is Danny Boyle’s movie about him and his famous speech at Stanford University graduation. One of the conclusions I got to is that Jobs loves curves.

I can remember two times that I heard Jobs talk about curves and why they are important. One of them on my recent memory is on “Steve Jobs (2015)”, one of the scenes that center us on the early days for Apple when Stephen Wozniak and Steve Jobs inside the garage designing the Macintosh. This moment I recall is just 40 seconds long but it enlightened me.

Wozniak and Jobs where discussing what to put in the Macintosh, they were trying to look for the reason people would buy it. They threw some ideas about what could that be starting some discussions like: should the hardware be open or closed? Universal or incompatible with everything? Suddenly Wozniak tell of Jobs for what seems like a detail:

Wozniak: “Why do we need to give them different windows? They don’t care”

Jobs: “You don’t ask them what they want (blablabla classic Ford quote)… Give them soft curvy windows and they will buy them without knowing why!

Today we have evidence that proves that curves are a key factor on Apple’s design. You only need to think about iPhone 3, MacBook or iOS (anyone). This curves become to be enticing or alluring, words that by definition means “attraction by desire”. This happens for most of Apple products as their power of attraction because of their beauty is hard to resist, curve’s sexiness is the main aspect of what do we need from Apple along with status, beauty and performance.

It is not about having a lot of curves and go insane. It is about curvy edges and corners.

The second time I remember Jobs talking about the topic is related to the beginning of this text. During his famous speech at Stanford (2005), Jobs divides it on 3 stories: on the first one (Connecting the dots) he refers to the moment he left college to investigate his own interests. One of those interests was calligraphy, so he tells how he learned at Reed College different type of fonts like Serif and Sans Serif.

“It was beautiful, historical, artistically subtle in a way that science can’t capture, and I found it fascinating” – About learning calligraphy

Have you ever noticed the difference between a “normal F and a Serif F? You can – and already did – by looking at the first picture on this text and tell me which one you like the most? Adding little curves and a few details can transform a whole text into a ten times sexier one. It is basically a plastic surgery to your font, a change as big as changing uTorrent for Netflix as your movie/series provider. That’s what curves give: pure pleasure.

This is a topic you can discuss with your friends, tell me how it goes because probably you will get to the basics, to the instinctive nature of men, you will go back to the most banal and vulgar version of this debate. You will have to face the true test of men: which curve do you prefer the most? Tits or ass, maybe the waist, freaks will answer the ankles and romantics – like me – will say the smile. Because there’s nothing sexier than a curvy smile.

Freaek ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



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