Day 11 – No filter: benefits of brutal honesty.

via Daily Prompt: Filter

For day 11 on Blogging U they told us to defy ourselves by answering a Daily Prompt. So here I am to tell you a story about what can happen with brutal honesty.

Sometimes you feel like you just want to get out of an awkward situation, so you start seeking the most diplomatic way of ending this case. Maybe it is that moment after laughter stopped and everyone is just expecting a continuation or the moment when you are meeting someone new and you want to start a conversation. The usual case is that you set a default conversation about health, weather or what you’ve being doing lately. Thinking Creative is all about going against the conventional so I tried to apply this twice in one weekend to check out what happened.

Here are the consequences.

Before Christmas my granddad (Emilio) called me and my brother to see if we could meet at some place to launch and talk about what we’ve missed frome each other (long time no see). So we arrive to the adress given and there he was; waiting outside the restaurant. We order our pizzas and – after eating them – suddenly the chat just went absolutely off, neither my granddad nor my little brother (both of them very talkative) were talking. I could’ve chosen to propose a topic to talk about like sports, vacations or new projects, but we’ve already got through those (and I didn’t want to talk about my relationships). I thought “This is the perfect moment to execute that I idea I got the other day on the shower”, so I went for it.

“Granddad” I said “This conversation is going nowhere, so you either come with another topic or we better live”. The reactions from both of my companions were amazing. My granddad was just disconcerted in every possible way. His face was like he just saw a ghost, absolutely hilarious. At the same time my brother had these three seconds of silence and then drowned himself in laughter while dropping half of his Coke through the nose. But what really surprised me was my granddads instant reaction: he just started talking again about his experiences as a rugby player and some of his best matches as a wing-forward. The next fifteen minutes of story-telling were the best I have heard of him (and I have heard a lot of those minutes).

 After this experience I was excited to try this experiment again (I love social experiments). I found my opportunity December 24th, Christmas’s Eve. After opening the presents (we do this on Christmas’s Eve here in Chile) we went on and have some drinks and snacks to chat about whatever. After a part of my family left, an hour of conversation and a good joke of mine the place just faded into the safety of Social Networks and YouTube. I gave it a good five-minute thought and I did it. It was near 2AM.

“Ok, so this situation is absolutely dead” I said “You better revive this shit or you should go home”. This time the response was even better: they left. I was amazed that they did after what happened with my granddad. This moment was hilarious and it is still is when we talk about it. It was cold, rational, brutal sincerity with absolutely no filter.

You better try this at home or with your friends, the worst thing that can happen with brutal honesty in an awkward moment is what you wanted to. ‘Filterless’ is always unexpected and that is worht an opportunity.

“Don’t let tour memes be dreams”

-9GAG ft Shia LaBeouf

Freaek ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



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