Shower Time!

This is awkward. The same post again? Well yes, but this time I kind of translated it to english so everyone CAN read it. So you can give it a go! This is the first post in my Microecology series.

Environment Problem: Excessive water waste

Classic solution: 5-minute’s showers.

What it is about? It’s a method that tries to make you shower for a maximum of five minutes. Sounds pretty easy right? But actually a lot of people struggles (I should have some statistics about this, but I don’t) to shower in less than 14 minutes. If you are not a horny teenager in need of a hand (boy or girl) or a fish, you have no excuse! There’s not a single reason why you should shower for more than five minutes.

How to acquire this habit? There’s diversity in ways of doing this. The first one is just try and go for it, settle a timer for five minutes and when it runs out of time just get out. If this doesn’t work (probably won’t), try the following idea.

We all listen music, maybe not 24/7 but sometime when you’re driving and just running through every radio station. Transform your bath time into your music time too, with only one restriction: one song per showering. You can hear whatever you want, no genre restraints are considered but you must choose wisely. Somebody might try to be clever selecting songs such as Shine On Your Crazy Diamond (Pink Floyd), Purlpe Rain (Prince) or Jesus of Suburbia (Green Day). If you want to break the rules of the game, then just don’t play.

Choose a song that (you like in the first place and) lasts in the range from 4:00 to 6:00 minutes. I can give you a classic example: Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen). This song in particular has some advantages for the success of this method. First of all, it was a clear three movements division so you can organize your shower time efficiently, for example, “Is this the real life? is this just fantasy…” you start soaping up “Mama, just killed a man…” you rinse out and sing a couple of verses (come on, you can have fun too!) “I see a little silhouette of a man…” start putting your shampoo on! (Also try to make the four voices at the same time) “Mamma mia, mamma mia let me go” clean up that shampoo and prepare for the best part… just rock out the outro!

This will be very funny and you will be saving a lot of water at the same time! If you’re having some trouble finding some songs that classify, try checking some of this songs out (I tried to get some diversity here).

Bohemian Rhapsody (Queen) [5:55], Thriller (Michael Jackson) [6:00], Uptown Funk (Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars) [4:30], Sunday Morning (Maroon 5) [4:09], Get Lucky (Daft Punk) [4:10], Superstition (Stevie Wonder) [4:30], Lose Yourself (Eminem) [5:26], Hello (Adele) [4:55], Starboy (The Weeknd) [4:36].

Are you having a tough time stopping after only one song? Easy solution, create a playlist in your favorite music player with ONLY ONE SONG. Believe me; silence is going to push you out of the shower.

I have some other advice that can help you even more with this habit

Never Settle

Beyond the deep inspirational quote this seems to be, take it literally this time just don’t settle with water temperature. Challenge your body and try out different levels of heat. Let’s say a classic pop song structure: First verse, search for that warm point. Chorus; turn it up a little bit. Second verse; a little bit hotter. Second chorus; a littttttle bit more. Towards the end, just try your highest point of resistance and when you’re burning give it a 180° change and cool it down. Then proceed to turn it off as the music fades out. Of course you can personalize this system and enjoy yourself.

Note: If your water system doesn’t allow you to raise the heat too much, try cooling it down.

Wake Up B4

Almost every time you take a shower is after you wake up. In fact, the facts are as following: open your eyes, yawn, walk to the bathroom, hit the door, open it, pee/poop, walk in the shower… wake up. This has a massive implication in the objective; at least for two minutes of the five (we want) you have to be inside you are doing absolutely nothing. To solve this, try waking up before going in! You wonder how to wake up before? With music! You have my authorization to expand that playlist from one to two songs. Try some energetic first song to wake up (I love rock, so I go with Money for Nothing from the Dire Straits) and the second one to shower. Remember that the issue with showering is the time the shower is working not how much you’re inside that bathroom.

Alternatives ways of saving water: If you’re planning to be in the water for more than five minutes, try a bathtub. You can also try showering with a friend, you’ll last five minutes anyway.

FREAEK ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



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